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About the Course

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best undergraduate programs in aviation. Aeronautical Engineering is the study that involves researching, designing, constructing, testing, and manufacturing of the aircraft, aircraft parts & components within Earth’s atmosphere. It also covers the investigation into aerodynamic elements of aircraft, including behaviours and related factors such as control surfaces, lift, airfoil, and drag. The Aeronautical Engineering course details are described below for further information. The student must read the complete Aeronautical Engineering details before taking admission. The complete information about Aeronautical Engineering are provided below so that students can understand about the course in a better way.

Aeronautical Engineering Courses

Aeronautical Engineering courses are the branch of Aerospace Engineering that is related to the manufacturing of aircraft and its parts. The Aeronautical Engineering course duration is 4 years as it is a B.E / B. Tech. course. In that Aeronautical Engineering course of 4 years, there are 8 semesters in which students will get the academic as well as theoretical knowledge about designing, manufacturing, and testing of the aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering Exam

Aeronautical Engineering Eligibility

The following eligibility is required for aeronautical engineering: -

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Aeronautical Engineering Course Admission

Aeronautical Engineering course admission process comprises of few steps which are as follows:-

Mechanical Stream:

The syllabus related to the study of engines, airframes, and Components of aircraft. It comprises License Category A and Category B1 & B3. Further, It is classified into four Subcategories: -

Avionics Stream:

The syllabus related to the study of Aircraft instruments, Electrical, Radio, and Navigation systems of aircraft. Its related license category is Cat. B2.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Opportunities

The Indian aviation industry is developing very fast which is good for those who wish to make their career in aviation. Air traffic in India is increasing day by day which is increasing the requirement for aircraft. So all aircraft operators have ordered new aircraft fleets which creates huge vacancies for AMEs & Technical personnel.

Airlines are the Organizations that provide air transport for passengers & Logistic support. Before the take-off, an Authorized/ Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) has to inspect and troubleshoot the problems of the aircraft. Only after issuing a certificate release to service(CRS) and Signing the valid documents, Aircraft can move for further journey. This organization has a huge number of vacancies for the Engineers eligible to perform such tasks either on the main base or at transit stations.

  • International Airlines: QATAR Airways, OMAN Air, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic, ANA wings, QANTAS, Etihad, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific and many more.
  • Domestic Airlines: Air India, Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air, Air Vistara, Jet konnect, Air Asia India, Jet lite, Sky one Airways, Span Air Pvt. Ltd., VSR Ventures, etc.
  • Regional Airlines: Regional Airlines Air Heritage, Flybig, Star Air, Trujet, Zoom Air, Alliance Air, Ventura Air connect, Air taxi, India One Airlines, Pawan Hans Limited, TAJ Air, Supreme Airlines, UT Air, etc.

MROs are those organizations, which Perform maintenance tasks on aircraft and/or aircraft components owned and operated by any other organization and persons. It can be understood as a service center of Aircraft. There are large numbers of such organizations that offers a great career to Maintenance engineers. eg. AIESL(Air India Engineering services limited), GMR Aero Technic, Airworks India, Indamer Aviation, Bird Execujet, Shaurya Aviation Pvt.Ltd., Spicejet Technic, Tentacles Aerologisticstix Pvt. Ltd., Ghodawat Enterprises Pvt Ltd (M/s Star Air), Thumby Aviation Pvt.Ltd, Globe MRO Services Pvt. Ltd, Max MRO Services Pvt. Ltd., etc.

There are so many organizations that provide documentation support in Aircraft Industry. For the maintenance data required by several Operators and Maintenance Organizations, these organizations prepare all kinds of controlled documents of various aircraft. There are a large number of students employed there, enhancing their soft skills and knowledge. eg. Capgemini, Aviotrix Aerospace, IBM, GLOINNT, Cyient, Ansys, Opal-RT, Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma

Workshops repair and maintain especially aircraft components. A huge number of Engineers also work there for the repair and modification of Components and troubleshooting of errors in the component. eg. Varman Aviation, Magnum Aviation, Arrow Aviation Services, Southeast Aerospace, Instrulab, Vertical Aerospace, Minerva Aviation Services, Turbo Jet Engines Pvt Ltd, Instrument Avion, NSCB Aviation(P) Ltd, Innovative Aviation Private Limited, Haveus Aerotech India Pvt. Ltd, Zexus Air Services Pvt. Ltd

Aircraft are made up of numerous parts. To make these parts separately on a large scale organizations offer Maintenance engineers to join their manufacturing team to enhance their skills. There is a large number of young AMEs working there to improve their skills and enhancing knowledge of various types of aircraft parts. eg.: TATA-BOEING Aerospace limited, SAFRAN group, SR Propellers, Fly hawk Aviation, and many more

Govt. of Jharkhand Aviation Wing, Airports Authority of India, Govt. of Bihar Civil Aviation, Directorate of Aviation Govt. of MP, Govt. of Uttrakhand, BSF Air wing and so many govt. organizations.

A large number of Non-Scheduled Air operators operate their aircraft all over India providing Air Ambulance facility, Charter Services, Joy rides, Special Devotional journey plans, and Rescue and Film shooting facilities.

MP Flying club, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy, Redbird Flight Training Academy, Bihar Flying club, Bombay flying club, Chimes Aviation Academy, Pioneer Flying Academy, Assam Flying Club, Aviator Co-Opt. Society Ltd., Academy of Carver Aviation, etc.

Several flying clubs all over India maintain their aircraft which are operated for the training purpose of the Student Pilot flight training program. State govt. also has its own aircraft which carries the ministers and guests of state govt. and Govt. of India. They also appoint Aircraft Maintenance Engineers for each of their aircraft.

Pawan Hans Limited, Air one Aviation, Global Vectra, Global Konnect, Air charter services, Pinnacle Air services, Heligo charters, Ventura Air Connect, Club One Air, Deccan Charters, Jagson Airlines, VRL Air, Baron Aviation, Airmid Aviation, Alchemist Airways, AR Airways, Ashley Aviation, Chipsan Aviation, Blue-ray Aviation, Fairwinds Aviation, Ferm Aviation, Forum 1 Aviation, Indo Pacific Aviation, OSS Air Management, etc.

Himalayan Heli Services, Heritage Aviation, Prabhu Helicopters, Transbharat Aviation, Kestral Aviation, Bajaj Aviation, Dhillon Aviation, Jet Serve Aviation Pvt. Ltd., SAR Aviation, Saarthi Airways, etc.

Aircraft Maintenance engineers/License holders are also offered to serve as an officer rank(Asst. Commandant) in the Aviation wings of BSF, ITBP, and other paramilitary forces.

  • International Cargo Carriers: DHL Aviation, FedEx Air, Spice express, Air India Cargo, DTDC, Transcom, etc.
  • Domestic Cargo Carrier: Blue dart Aviation, DHL, Spice express, Quick lift Airlines, Maruti Air Services, etc.

Aeronautical Engineer Course Fee Structure

Aeronautical Engineer course fee structure depends upon the choice of students. After clearing the AME RAT exam, students can avail admission in one of the top institutes in India which are approved by AICTE. Admission will be offered to the students based on their All India Rank (AIR). Under AME RAT there are Aeronautical Engineering Institutes and Universities.

Aeronautical Engineer course fee structure varies from universities to universities as the institutes are in different states of India, so there is a range of fees of approx. 04-06 lakh INR for full course fee.

The fees can be paid to the institutes semester wise. The exact Aeronautical Course fees details can be seen on the official website of the Aeronautical colleges. There will be Education Loan facilities available for the students through the bank. The fees will be different for Indian and NRI students and relatively high for the NRI students.

Aeronautical Engineering Scope

The Aeronautical Engineering scope in India is growing in the aviation sector and putting their step towards manufacturing of Aircrafts and Aircraft Parts. It increases the need of Aeronautical Engineers. It’s scope is demand both in India as well as in foreign countries. They are demanded in aviation sector as well as aircraft-manufacturing units in private and public sectors.

At the end of course the scope puts a candidate in a state where companies hire them as a trainee engineer or junior engineer. After judging their efficiency & performance they are promoted to higher levels.

The career opportunities are: -

Aeronautical Engineering Work Profile

The Aeronautical Engineering work profile plays a vital role in the aviation sector. Aeronautical Engineering work profiles are mentioned below to provide an overview for the course: -


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